Core Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic

Core Chiropractic Clinic is located in the heart of busy 17th Avenue. With plenty of surrounding street parking and inexpensive building parking, it is a convenient location with inner city appeal

Dr. Guthrie opened Core Chiropractic in March. 2005. After working in a downtown clinic for three years prior, she is excited to finally be able to apply her ideas and energy to her own clinic. Core Chiropractic was founded on the idea that techniques implemented on athletes to heal injuries and improve optimal performance would be exceedingly effective on any person, and should be offered to the general public.


In addition to a degree in chiropractic, Dr. Guthrie has pursued her extra certifications with this idea in mind. Utilizing techniques such as Active release technique, Graston technique, Kinesiotaping, and core stability training, as well as joint and tissue specific manual chiropractic techniques, Dr. Guthrie has been privileged to work with various athletic teams throughout her career. She is a chiropractor for the Alberta Ballet, as well as the preprofessional Alberta Ballet group at the School of Alberta Ballet. and is often called to treat various dance troops as they tour through Calgary. She has treated dancers from contemporary troups such as Marie Chounard (Montreal) Crystal Pite,Kidd Pivot (Vancouver), and has treated acting cast members from The Phantom of The Opera when they toured through Calgary. Dr Guthrie was privileged to be the treating doctor with Alberta Ballet when they toured through China in September 2007.

She also enjoys her work with ironman triatheletes and runners of all calibers. You may see her participating in various runs around Calgary, though she has yet to work up to a half marathon!

The techniques that have allowed her to work with these high end athletes can be significantly effective for any person suffering from general aches and pains, new and old injuries, and problems that don't seem to be improving with time. If you are curious as to whether Dr. Guthrie can help you and your complaint, she is always available to talk to you over the phone, or in her office for a consultation. For more information please call the clinic at (403) 244-6444.