Apple Chips

This is another wonderful, crunchy and satisfying snack. It is also very easy - if you have a mandoline.

If you don't, I wouldn't suggest trying to make these- it is simply too hard to get apples thinly sliced without one.

To prepare:

Using a mandoline, thinly slice 2 granny smith apples (or whatever type of apple  you happen to have) at the thinnest setting. (slice them crosswise so there is a star in the centre (from the core) and you won't have to core them)

For each apple you use, measure 2 tbsp of icing sugar and sift with 1/2  tsp of cumin and a dash of salt.

Sift the dry ingredients a few times to get the spices to mix well...

Using the seive, shake out a thin layer  of the icing sugar mixture onto a large peice of parchment paper. lay the apple slices on the paper and coat with another sifted layer of sugar.

place in a 200 degree oven for 90 minutes.

Remove from the oven and immediately take off the parchment paper to cool. enjoy!


Note: If you don't like the cumin flavor, try substituting it with cinnamon and nutmeg for a more traditional flavor...