Dr Tara Guthrie

BSc, DC, Chiropractor

I initially became interested in chiropractic after I realized that the chiropractic profession filled a niche that was incredibly special and unique to the health care field: Chiropractic is one of the few professions that concentrates on maintaining and improving each individuals personal level of health by utilizing the body’s own resources. It is a fascinating approach to health and exceptionally rewarding: there are very few health professions where the patient leaves the office feeling noticeably better then they did when they entered!

As a fairly recent graduate (thirteen years ago), I am fortunate to have experienced the highest level of education the profession has to offer. Our profession continues to grow in both educational requirements and supportive research, giving the opportunity for newer grads to learn the most up to date information and techniques.

Since graduating, I have had exciting opportunities to improve upon this educational base to further my knowledge and treatment skills. I am pleased to be able to offer my patients treatment techniques that in the past have only been available to high level athletes in Europe and the United States. It is my belief that if these techniques are so effective on athletes then they should do wonders for the average person!

I have personally enjoyed a wide variety of sports: In my high school years I was a competitive dancer. Throughout university I participated in varsity level rowing and rugby (yes, rugby!) and recently my interests have turned to biking, running, rollerblading and martial arts. I also continue to dance in a form called Lindy Hop swing at an advanced level, and travel the world attending dance functions for this form of vintage swing. I have dabbled in various other dance forms such as west coast swing, salsa and some ballroom. These sports have given me an appreciation of the injuries that can occur with an active lifestyle and the hazards of neglecting an injury. For myself, Chiropractic has been integral to my ability to continue an active lifestyle and has motivated me to focus much of my extra-curricular training on the healing and rehabilitation of acute and chronic sports injuries.

I am the only chiropractor in Calgary fully certified in kinesiotaping, a taping technique fairly new to canada,  that acts to restore proper biomechanics to allow people to train and rehabilitate injuries at the same time.  You may have seen some of the olympic athletes on TV with kinesiotape on various body parts. For more information on Kinesiotaping visit www.kinesiotape.ca.

I am also fully certified in Active Release Technique.  Active release technique is a specific muscle technique that decreases scar tissue within muscles and connective tissue to restore biomechanics and reduce pain. For more information on Active Release Technique, visit www.activerelease.com.

My most recent certification is in Graston Technique. Graston technique is a tool assisted technique that focuses on releasing scar tissue within the fascial sheath surrounding muscles. It is an extremely complimentary treatment to active release technique. for more information on graston technique, visit www.grastontechnique.com.

I believe that it is important for any health professional to continue learning as much as possible for the patients that have placed their health and trust in their hands. As newer techniques with proven benefits present themselves, you can be assured that I will continue learning whatever I can to further my knowledge in the care and treatment of my patients.