Crab Hotpot

One of my favorite recipies is a simple hotpot. The broth  is easy to make ahead, and store in the fridge in seperate containers. one recipe makes approximately 3 servings of broth. you can add whatever veggies and meat you want. its the broth that is the key :)

For the Broth

1 can of coconut milk lite,

1 can (equal parts) chicken broth

1 tbsp sambal oolek

2 tsp fish sauce

juice of one lime. 

1 tsp-1 tbsp (depending on how strong you want it) of your favorite curry spice  (I love the red or green curry pastes, massuman or garam masala curries. all of them taste different, so right away you have a half dozen different soup flavors)

Add the above ingredients to a pot and heat until just under boiling.

For the Meal:

Chop some of your favorite veggies into a large vietnamese noodle bowl. (one of my favorite combos is broccoli, baby bok choy, snap peas and carrots). add a small amount of water and microwave covered on HIGH for 2 MINUTES only, and then drain thoroughly.

add 4 oz of your favorite protien- Pollock- the artificial crab meat) is one of the best tasting ones, but I love shrimp in it too. (precooked, or simply cook the shrimp in the leftover broth as you are heating it up in the microwave)

If you want a starchy carb, add leftover potatoes, brown rice, etc... ( I tend to use this meal as a bit of a "leftover fridge clearer".

Pour ONE CUP of the broth onto the veggies and enjoy an easy, healthy deliciously balanced meal.  

The remainder broth can be portioned and saved in the fridge, and lasts 7-10 days. (I portion them into canning jars for a fast grab and go meal).

Nutrition Facts:

(for the pollock hotpot with no added rice or potatoes)

Calories: 314.4

Protien: 37.8 g

Carbs: 17.9

Fat: 11.1

Fibre: 3.1

Here is a picture of one of my many variations. It has corn, edamame, potato added to it, as well as the above veggies: