Curriculum Vitae - Dr. Guthrie

Dr. Tara Guthrie, D.C.
Core Chiropractic And Wellness Clinic
300 933 17th Ave SW
Calgary, AB. T2R 1R5
Ph. 403/ 244-6444
Fax. 403/ 244-6224

Private Practice:

Core Chiropractic Clinic

March 2005-Present

Calgary Chiropractic Clinic

January 2002-Present

Centre 70 Chiropractic Clinic

August 2001-January 2002


Doctor of Chiropractic

Four year degree: April, 2001: Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC) now calledSouthern California University of Health Sciences. Whittier, California

  • Graduated with honors: Cum Laude, Dean’s List

Bachelor of science

Four year degree: April, 1999: University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Continuing Education:

Active Release Technique Certification:

Specific techniques used to address scar tissue formation within muscles. Very effective for muscle tears and subacute conditions.

  • Spine: Summer ,2004
  • Lower Extremity: Summer, 2004
  • Upper extremity: Winter, 2005
  • Full Body: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Graston Technique Certification:

Specific technique used to address scar tissue in muscles, fascia and joint structures. Very effective for chronic conditions

  • Level 1 Graston Technique : Winter, 2008
  • Level 2 Graston Technique: Winter, 2009


Kinesiotaping Certification:

Proprioceptive taping technique used for correcting acute and chronic muscle and joint injuries.

  • Fundamentals of Kinesiotaping: Spring, 2004
  • Advanced Kinesiotaping: Winter, 2005

Chiropractic Rehabilitation :

Functional Reactivation “Benchmarking Chiropractic in the Musculoskeletal Field.” Principles and application of rehabilitation.

  • Winter 2004



School of Alberta Ballet:

2005-Present: Close working relationship with the school. Ongoing treatment of dancers of allcaliber, most specifically the pre-professional program.

Alberta Ballet:

2005-2010: Official Chiropractor for the Alberta Ballet Company

2007: Team Doctor for the 2007 Alberta Ballet China Tour

Canada Dance Stampede:

2010- Present: Volunteer work with world champion country western and ballroom dancers

Calgary Marathon:

2010- present: Volunteer services at various marathon and running events city-wide.

Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board:

September 2002- Present: Examiner: Canadian Chiropractic National Board Exams

2010- Participated in setting minimal competency rating for the 2010-2011 Canadian Board Exams.

Clinical Advisor:

August 2020- Present: reviews peer and clinical notetaking and ensures that Practitioners and their clinics are meeting the standards outlined in the Alberta College of Chiropractic bylaws. 

Wild Rose College:

Spring 2005- Instructor and course developer for 3rd year Physical Examination and LaboratoryDiagnostics course offered at the Wild Rose College.


“Workstation and Workplace Safety”

  • 1 Hour public seminar format

“Taking Control of your Headache”

  • September 2002- Present: Woman’s Grace Hospital: 2 Hour public seminar format
  • Lunch and learn: One hour seminar format

“Posture as a cause of Back and Neck Pain”

  • August 2002- present: 40 Minute public lecture format

“Explaining Chiropractic”

  • April 2002- present: 20 Minute small group public format presentations

“Workstation and Workplace Safety”

  • 1 Hour public seminar format


Various Articles submitted and published in local magazines


  • College of Chiropractors of Alberta
  • Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
  • Southern California University of Health Sciences: Alumni
  • American Chiropractic Association
  • Canadian Chiropractic Association