Grilled asparagus with Mustard Aoli

For the asparagus:

This is an incredibly simple, healthy and completely addicting recipe that can be used as a modern appetizer for a dinner party, or as a side dish for your main course. Deceptively simple, don't discount how tasty it is- even people who don't like asparagus are sure to like this recipe!

preset oven to bake at  425 degrees

Chop off the tough ends of one bunch of asparagus. Lay the spears flat on an olive oil sprayed baking sheet. Spray additional olive oil on top to the asparagus and sprinkle with fleur de sel. (or salt)

Cook for over 30 minutes at 425- the asparagus should look quite shrivelled overall, and crispy at the top end (the crunchy top end is one of the things that makes this asparagus taste so good! )

 Remove from oven and serve immediately with mustard aoli as dip.  Enjoy!

For the aoli:

Mix 1/2 cup low fat plain yogurt with 2 tbsp of your favorite mustard, 1 tbsp rice wine vnegar, a squeeze of lemon, and season with your favorite Ms. Dash.  This is easy to make ahead and store in your fridge for use on other recipes as a low fat dip.