What is Kinesiotaping?

Kinesiotaping is a specific taping technique that relies on the activation of neurological and circulatory pathways present in the body to produce desired results. Kinesiotaping is a method to be used in conjunction with other therapies, not separately. It will prolong the effects of therapy, aid an athlete in training and rehabilitation, speed up the process of healing, and provide pain relief while it is applied

What does it do?

There are 3 primary uses for the tape: 1) it can change body biomechanics to retrain muscles while a person is exercising! 2) It can reduce pain immediately, by taking pressure off injured muscles, tendons and ligaments 3) it can reduce swelling and bruising at an injury site, thereby speeding up healing time and reducing adverse effects of an injury!

What can it treat?

It can treat a number of conditions. Among the most common are:

Sprains of the wrist, ankle, shoulder and knee; Plantar fasciitis; Achilles tendonitis; Patella femoral pain syndrome; Illiotibial band syndrome; Tennis/golf elbow; Tendonitis; Carpal tunnel syndrome; Swelling due to an injury or bruise; Bursitis of the shoulder, hip, ankle; Osgood Schlatter; Pediatric muscle imbalances (for references see the articles section on; Myofascial pain syndrome; Hyperextension injuries…

and more.

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