Chiropractic Treatment

We are now offering 10 prepaid treatments for a discounted rate.

Often a course of treatment will require a number of visits. With the new delisting of chiropractic, some people without additional health care may have a hard time being able to pay for the number of visits required to heal an injury. Oftentimes, the worse an injury, the more treatments are required for healing, and this cost can occassionally be prohibitive .

To offset these costs, we are able to give people an "administrative discount"  of $50  if 10 treatments are paid in advance. These prepaid treatments do not expire, so there is no specific time frame for use.

If you get better in less than ten treatments or for whatever reason would like a refund before you have used up your full 10 treatments,  we will happily refund you the remainder in full, but the administrative discount will no longer apply.

Your additional health insurance will often cover the payment for the entire visit. Please check your individual health plan for more information on your coverage. [read more]

First Visit:

This visit is approximately an hour long, and it includes  a comprehensive health history, initia  examination and consultation with the doctor, as well as your initial treatment.

Chiropractic treatments:

Each visit is approximately 10-15 minutes depending on treatment required. [read more]

Active Release Technique

ART is a patented technique shown to be highly effective at removing the  scar tissue that is a significant source of pain in most injuries, whether they be acute or chronic. [read more

Graston Technique:

Graston technique is a patented technique similar to active release, but utilizing tools. It also has been shown to be highly effective at removing scar tissue and focuses on slightly different structures than ART. [ read more]


Core Stability

Individual half an hour sessions are booked with the doctor.  The goal of these sessions is to teach strengthening, balance and muscle stabilization to maintain an injury free state. [read more]



Kinesiotape is a unique tape that changes muscle imbalances, allowing an athlete or sport enthusiast to train without pain, and to correct the muscle problems that are causing injury. [read more]


Orthotics are custom made foot insoles that can help to correct foot or other joint problems. Please ask the doctor if orthotics are right for you.