The Healthy Gourmet

If you are one of my current patients, then you will, I am sure, be familiar with my love for good food, and my desire to help patients modify their eating to include more healthy choices that doesn't make one feel as though they are eating rice crackers. This is a new section in which I will be posting either new or tried and true recipes that are not only healthy, but that they have the added benefit of tasting GREAT ( Food snob that I am...) .

If you would like to be updated whenever I post a new recipe, be sure to sign up for my twitter account (Here: ) I will always place a link to whatever the latest recipe is that has been successfully taste- tested....

If you have a great recipe that you want to share, please email it to me at , and I will test it- I am always looking for recipes that are healthy, tase great, and (ideally) are fast to make (who says that gourmet has to be bad for you or time consuming?!)

Just a warning- I have a tendency to change recipes, so anything that is sent to me may not necessarily be posted verbatim (Though I will give you the credit if you send me something and it is posted!)


Poached salmon with Basil and Thyme Aioli

Pick Dellaio

Almond Encrusted Pork Fingerlings

Moroccan Stew

Masala Lamb Curry

Light meals:

Green apple and shrimp salad

Incredible tabbouleh Salad



Kale Chips

Apple Chips

Cranberry Almond Muffins

Grilled asparagus wih mustard Aoli




 Breakfast Quiche