Dr. Guthrie will be one of the four treating doctors at the granfondo banff bike tour on August 23rd. Stop by the chiropractic tent for a tune up before your race!


Summer is here!

Calgary summers are short, so make sure you take the time off work to enjoy the weather. Calgary has an amazing pathway system for biking, rollerblading or walking- so  if you haven't taken the opportunity to utilize them, now is the time!  Please exercise your safety when on the bike paths- Bike bells are mandatory for all cyclists, as are helmets for anyone under 18 years of age.

I have been cycling to work for a few months now, and I am surprised at the number of cyclists on the road who are without basic safety gear. Remember- in a war between a vehicle and a cyclist, the vehicle ALWAYS wins. Here are some great tips for increasing your safetly on the road:

  1.  If you are biking on the roads, then be smart and wear protective gear. That should AT LEAST  include a helmet, and a front and back flashing light. A rear view mirror is also very handy, and easily attaches to your biking helmet.
  2. Wear bright clothing! drivers in vehicles don't tend to notice bikers. The more you stand out from the environment, the better. Bright yellow or orange is excellent. And flourescent is in, so its a fashion excuse.
  3. Communicate with drivers around you- use hand signals, make eye contact with drivers and thank them when they acknowledge you. Most drivers consider bikers a pest, so anything you can do to improve driver-biker relations is a benificial thing.
  4. Stay to the right lane, unless it is unsafe for you to do so. While on the road, follow road rules as if you were a car: Since you are a slower "vehicle" you should stay to the right unless passing.  When there is no room, or only one lane, stay in the centre of the lane so cars can see you in their rear view mirror.
  5. Stay Vigilant! Don't allow yourself to "zone out' while biking in traffic. Pay attention to other cyclists, vehicles and parked cars. If you see an occupied parked vehicle, be wary- they may be about to open the drivers side door. 

These are just some of many tips that should be kept in mind, for a safe, healthy biking commute. Have fun and bike safely!

Dr. Tara Guthrie


Dr. Guthrie specializes in treating sports injuries. She has over a decade of experience treating all calibre of athletes,  from the weekend warrior, to the ultramarathoner and professional dancer. If you are wondering if she might be able to effectively treat your injury, please do not hesitate to call or text her at (403) 244-6444.

Please note, Dr. Guthrie has quite a busy schedule.  If you reach voice mail, please leave a message and she will get back to you at her earliest available opportunity, typically within two hours. 

Dr. Guthrie is certified in:

Active release technique: Spine, Upper, Lower, Nerve entrapments, Since 2002

Graston technique Since 2004

Kinesiotaping Since 2005

Dr Guthrie's Office hours are as follows:

Monday and Wednesday: 1-6pm
Tuesday, Thursday and friday: 8-12:30

Dr. Guthrie can be reached at (403) 244-6444 via phone or text, from 8-6 daily. (appointments can be booked outside the above office hours, as she has her phone with her. If you are unable to get her directly, please leave a message and she will return your phone call as soon as she is able.)

Current Office Address:

Dr. Guthrie's practice is located at:
Suite 406, 320- 23rd Avenue SW

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