Happy New year! 

Now is the time to work on those new years resolutions!

It is never too late to get back into shape and to take care of your injuries, but remember the best practice is prevention- So BE PROACTIVE!!! If you think that you may need to get something treated, don't wait until it is so bad that you have to quit your workout regime. That is a surefire way to get discouraged and give up on those resolutions.

Dr. Guthrie specializes in treating sports injuries. She has over a decade of experience treating all calibre of athletes,  from the weekend warrior, to the ultramarathoner and professional dancer. If you are wondering if she might be able to effectively treat your injury, please do not hesitate to call or text her at (403) 244-6444.

Please note, Dr. Guthrie has quite a busy schedule.  If you reach voice mail, please leave a message and she will get back to you at her earliest available opportunity, typically within two hours. 

Dr. Guthrie is certified in:

Active release technique: Spine, Upper, Lower, Nerve entrapments, Since 2002

Graston technique Since 2004

Kinesiotaping Since 2005

Dr Guthrie's Office hours are as follows:

Monday and Wednesday: 1-6pm
Tuesday, Thursday and friday: 8-12:30

Dr. Guthrie can be reached at (403) 244-6444 via phone or text, from 8-6 daily. (appointments can be booked outside the above office hours, as she has her phone with her. If you are unable to get her directly, please leave a message and she will return your phone call as soon as she is able.)

Fee Increase:

As of the new year, we will be implimenting a small increase in  fees for followup treatments. This is in response to increased operational costs, and withh help us to maintain a high standard of individualized patient care and accessibility while remaining well within the current range of professional fees for Chiropractic care in the province of Alberta.


Current Office Address:

Dr. Guthrie's practice is located at:
Suite 406, 320- 23rd Avenue SW

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Clinic Hours

Clinic hours are staggered for your convenience.
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